Small pocket stamps are mobile and easy to use for little printing jobs, such as stamping your name and address on a cheque or Doctors stamping their details on a prescription. These stamps are portable and quick to use and whilst its bigger brothers like the full sized self-inking stamps will give more impressions, they cannot compete with the pocket stamp in versatility.

EATECHNO Pocket use Stamps

EATECHNO Mouse Pocket Stamps

One new design of pocket stamp is the Stamp Mouse and Stamp Pen, with its new innovative and modern design it offers a different approach to a conventional stamp. The Mouse and the Pen is ideal for carrying around in your pocket, bag or briefcase, the one handed operation mechanism allows you to open and use the device with one click of a button.

EATECHNO Green Pocket Stamp

EATECHNO Pen Pocket Stamps

Make your mark wherever you are.
• Fits comfortably in your pocket or purse.
• Compact, convenient and easy to use.
• Simple snap-open-and-close design.

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